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Charity Work

In the course of the school year, our students take part in a variety of activities and workshops which give them the chance to work in an altruistic, disinterested and empathetic way. Amongst these activities are:

Vicente Ferrer.  Each class from Nursery to 1º de Bachillerato sponsor a child from India, working with their tutor to raise money to support their sponsored child. We also run extra fund-raising activities such as selling ice-lollies at Halloween 2016.

UNICEF Partner School. We have a daily commitment to the principles of the UNICEF charter, including Children’s Rights, and work to raise money to support UNICEF’s programmes of international aid.

The Salvation Army Food Bank. Every year, before Christmas, our community takes part in a campaign collecting food, toys and clothing for people less fortunate than ourselves. Also, around this time of year a school Choir made up of primary aged pupils go to a local retirement home to sing Christmas carols in both English and Spanish.

Madrid Food Bank. Our Bachillerato students, along with staff, work in different shopping centres in the Comunidad de Madrid, to help out with food bank collections before Christmas.

SPRING FÊTE. Our festival when all of our community: parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and children work together, through charitable donation and organization of different activities, on a voluntary basis, to raise money for a particular NGO. Recently, the school has supported ACNUR, Fundación Aladina, Turkana Eye Project, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders, amongst others.

Save the Children. During Book Day the school's pupils create their own bookmarks to sell to family and friends with the intention of raising money for this charity.

Talks by students, and former students, who take part in charitable projects around the world, with the aim of encouraging interest in voluntary work amongst our students.

Book Collections in aid of other, less well-resourced centres in Spain and abroad.