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Kensington School Philosophy

Kensington School was founded in 1968 with the objective of offering children and families the best of British education side-by-side with the best possible Spanish education. Since then, we have not deviated from the aim of  academic excellence in two languages, together with a solid bedrock of value-centred education.

We have as one of our principle objectives the encouragement amongst our students of respect, tolerance, understanding of other people and cultures, and a commitment to society. We offer a holistic, whole-person approach to education within an atmosphere of respect, trust, joy and realism. 

Kensington School is an non-denominational school, but we have always offered the possibility of Religion as an option within the curriculum from Year 3 to Year 6 and from 3rd. ESO to 1st. Bachillerato. Moreover, one of the central priorities of  our staff is to represent and communicate appropriate values to our students.

A key element in Kensington school’s identity has always been our languages. Right the way through the English National Curriculum, Kensington gives our students a solid base in all subjects through the medium of English, and take their first steps in French. From 3rd. ESO onwards, our students can take the different exams of the University of Cambridge ( First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency ), and the DELF exams of the French Institute (A1, A2, B1, B2). Students can also take IGCSE exams in English from 3rd. ESO onwards. This exam will allow them to continue university studies in English-speaking countries, where they generally go on to achieve outstanding results.