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Kensington School IT facilities

Kensington School has a wide range of computer facilities to support the teaching and learning process.

Every classroom at Kensington School is equipped with computers running the latest software, wireless as well as wired internet connection, projectors and/or interactive whiteboards. This helps to ensure that teaching and learning is up-to-date with the latest developments in information technology.

Computer Labs

The school has three fully equipped computer labs each consisting of between around 35 computers running the latest software and applications. Labs also have scanners, colour laser printers, 3D printers as well as interactive whiteboards.

Computing at Kensington School

All students at Kensington receive Computing lessons from the age of 5 onwards, taught in English by IT specialists. Following the English National Curriculum, our children very quickly learn to become creators and programmers rather than simply consumers in the digital world. Beginning with simple exercises, our Key Stage 1 children are soon writing simple computer algorithms, from where they progress to writing simple programs including apps and games as well as creating multimedia presentations, spreadsheets, editing images, music and video, robotics and 3D modelling.

Year Group Programming, robotics and 3D printing content.
Year 1-2
  • Visual programming based on simple algorithms to control of objects on the screen. 
  • Simple programming of robots.
Year 3-4
  • Introduction to Scratch © programming language.
  • Simple programming of robots.
  • Introduction to 3D design (Tinkercad ©).
Year 5-6
  • More in-depth use of Scratch © programming language.
  • Designing 3D objects with Sketchup © and 3D printing.
Year 7-9
  • More in-depth use of Scratch © programming language (video game design).
  • Programming in Visual Basic and Python.
  • Introduction to websites using HTML and CSS.
  • Simulation of robotics on screen.
  • Mobile app design.
3º ESO In the subject Technology, Robotics and Programming pupils create 3D designs of objects that can then be printed on one of the school´s 3D printers. Pupils also learn programming of different circuits and robots equipped with sensors using the open-source, Arduino.