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Kensington School Science Labs

Kensington School has 3 dedicated science labs for biology, chemistry and physics.

Science at Kensington School

As one would expect, the experience-based approaches to Science education of the English National Curriculum invite children to spend time in the 3 school laboratories from Year 6 onwards, observing, studying, recording the results of their experiments, and learning about the scientific methods through hands-on experience.

The Biology laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools to perform different experiments, three per term in Secondary and about twelve in total in Bachillerato throughout the course.

The laboratories for Physics and Chemistry, are fully equipped with the most up-to-date instruments.

In Secondary, classes alternate between studying in the classroom and doing experiments in the laboratory, performing two or three per term. Experiments are carried out to be able to verify, by means of scientific method, the knowledge acquired in the theoretical classes. In Bachillerato, the experiments are extended. Also, the students are guided to conduct research on an open topic.

The laboratories of Physics and Chemistry have thermodynamics, mechanical, electrical, optical, gas showcases, adjustment equipment, precision material, all kinds of organic and inorganic substances, gas, electricity and washing batteries in all Tables, distillation devices and Hoffman voltmeters, molecular models, furnaces, lighters, thermometers, stoves, etc.

In terms of safety, these laboratories, as well as the rest of our facilities, comply with the Labour Risks Prevention Law.