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Department of Orientation and Psychology (DOP)

Kensington School has two specialized psychologists, Pilar León Benítez from Nursery to Y9 and Teresa Roca Vicente-Franqueira for 3º E.S.O. to 2º Bachillerato.

The aim of the department is to work alongside the families and the teachers to orientate and to assist the formation of the whole person: prevention, learning support and interventions, social issues, academic improvement, and careers orientation. The department supports each student throughout their school career.

The DOP offers the following functions within the school:

  1. Prevention
  2. This is the key priority of the DOP, with all our students. We offer workshops and talks across the different levels of the school, focussing on Social Education (values) and Health Education:

    • Development of the Phonological Awareness Program
    • Co-existence and bullying.
    • Resolving conflicts.
    • Safe and responsible Internet use.
    • Cyberbullying and harassment.
    • Smoking, alcohol and other substance abuse.
    • Road safety.
    • Sexuality and Reproduction.
    • Approaches to Learning.
    • Sociometric Questionnaires.
    • Healthy Eating.
    • Leisure Choices.
    • Etc…
  3. Detection, Orientation and Tracking
  4. Interventions aimed at detecting and supporting all aspects of academic progress, behaviour, and social adaptation which affect the learning and co-existence. Children in need of specific support are directed for treatment to specialised centres, with the collaboration of the DOP, via direct communication and follow-up of the relevant suggestions.

    Also, the DOP run interviews and conversations with families, tutors, students as well as the outside professionals who support the school’s students.

  5. Vocational Orientation
  6. The school organizes a variety of activities to help orientate students towards their professional future, such as:

    • Self-assessment workshops.
    • Talks given by a variety of professionals.
    • University visits.
    • University Fairs. Some universities visit the school to better inform students and their families.
    • Aptitude tests.
    • Individual interviews with students to help choose a future academic path.