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Kensington School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory for all pupils from Nursery up to 1st of Bachillerato. El Corte Inglés in Pozuelo has all the relevant items and sizes. The school uniform is as follows:

Nursery/Reception Year 1 - 9 3º ESO - 1º Bach Sports kit

Sports kit is obligatory for students from Year 1 - 1º Bachillerato

We remind you that it is prohibited, and will be subject to punishment, for pupils to have unsuitable hair cuts, colours or arrangements that draw attention (spikes, skinheads ...), visible hair pins and coloured or patterned shirts under the school polo shirt.

In the event that a pupil does not follow the uniform code, they will be subject to school disciplinary action (School Discipline Code).

All uniform items, especially those belonging to young children, should be marked with their name. We hope in this way to avoid the constant loss of clothing and even exchanging of clothes with other pupils because children are not able to identify them.

All pupils should come to school in the proper uniform and their appearance should be careful not to attract too much attention; style and hair colour, jewellery etc.

Girls' uniform: skirt (Year 7-1 Bachillerato)

The minimum length of the skirt worn by girls is no more than 10 centimetres above the middle of the knee. Pupils not respecting this rule will be suspended from school until in the correct uniform.


Pupils who do not possess the correct sports uniform for the first day of school, because there is any difficulty in its acquisition will need a T-shirt and white shorts or sports trousers as other colours will not be allowed. Following the first day any pupil not in possession of the correct uniform may not take part in any kind of sport / gymnastics until they come with the correct uniform or shirt and white shorts/trousers. In the latter case, the pupil must attend school in the prescribed uniform and wear the gym kit (white) for gym class. After they should return to their school uniform.


We remind you that the children in Nursery - Year 2 should wear strong sports shoes without laces.