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The school schedule depends on each age grade, but generally starts at 9.00 am and finishes at 4.35 pm. The hours in the 2nd Baccalaureate are from 8:10 am to 14:25 pm.

Our community educates 1100 students from over 18 nationalities.

We offer our students a personalised learning experience, which is why our school has an average of 25 pupils per class and 3 classes per year.

90% of our pupils are Spanish and 10% international, of whom approximately half are British, and the rest are from all over the world.

At our school, students study based on the English National Curriculum under the British Education system until they are in the Baccalaureate division. At this point, they can choose to study under the Spanish system.

All our teachers are qualified teachers and many are native-speaking educators.

On the whole, most of our pupils speak Spanish in the playground, so children joining the school with little or no knowledge of the language generally pick it up very quickly.

Students at Kensington study English and Spanish per the curriculum and may take French classes as a third language.

Located in the countryside outside Madrid, we have excellent facilities that allow us to offer a wide range of sports activities.

(I)GCSE and Cambridge (English), (I)GCSE and DELF (French), and EvAU.

Studying the EvAU is an option if you wish to continue learning in Spain. The IGCSE, Cambridge qualifications and DELF are ideal for studying abroad. Students who finish their education in our school receive excellent results and access the best universities worldwide.

We want all children to have the opportunity to study with us, which is why our registration period is open all year round.

Pupils at Kensington are friendly, polite and kind, and they are happy to welcome new students. Our staff from different departments ensure the new students don’t feel alone and that there’s always a teacher or a student accompanying them from day one.

The first step would be to fill in the contact form on our website. Our Admissions Department will then contact you to guide you through the process (please see the Admissions section).

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