National and International Baccalaureate

Graduates continuously receive great academic results and enter the best international and national universities thanks to the success of our National Baccalaureate course.

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International Baccalaureate Year 12 and 13

Kensington School is proud to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme from September 2023, with a team of experienced I.B. Diploma teachers. Our senior students may choose as an alternative the Spanish-language Kensington Bachillerato, a pathway to university with intensive language reinforcement leading to Cambridge Proficiency and DELF B2 certificates.

Baccalaureate Project

Our Baccalaureate programme is a key element of our comprehensive education system, and supports integrated multilingual and multicultural tuition gained through authentic language immersion. Engaging language study also broadens the range of options for future international education and work possibilities as it provides specialised preparation for professional communication.

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Amazing Academic Results in Baccalaureate Examinations

At Kensington, we are proud of our long history of academic excellence. Our students receive great results in formal examinations, and the majority of our graduates attend their first-choice university. After doing well in their Baccalaureate education, our students gain top results in the EvAU, leading our school to the highest position in UCM exam rankings.

Languages in Baccalaureate

Baccalaureate language options offer suitable progression from our secondary linguistic provision. For many decades, our baccalaureate graduates have achieved great results in the demanding internationally-accredited tests, with many of them attaining the widely-valued Proficiency Certificate. Students have obtained the DELF B2 in French, which opens doors to many French-speaking universities.

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