Proud of you! This is how the entire school community feel. Our best wishes for this promotion that has achieved these excellent results after a year of hard work. Congratulations to all. See you in Kensington! Keep Growing!

ANDREW DE SALIS, Headteacher's

Although what matters most to us is the overall achievement of each student, final results are also a source of satisfaction.  Since 2001, our pupils have obtained 1025 Advanced and 590 Proficiency qualifications.  In the DELF French examinations, the average pass rates of B1 and B2 is around 100%. In terms of university entrance exams (EvAU), we are also proud of the fact that 100% of pupils sit the exam and pass each year : in these examinations we are the first of the 209 centres affiliated centres in the Complutense University with an average score of 7.9 for admission to university. Congratulations to our pupils!