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Head Teacher’s Award

In the autumn of 2018, we inaugurated the Head Teacher’s Award. While we aim for the children in our school to excel academically, and we’ve always been very happy with the level of sporting achievement the school offers, the idea behind the Head Teacher’s Award has always been different : to celebrate the children in the school who best represent the values in which we educate our children : Integrity, Co-operation, Acceptance, Respect, and Empathy – ICARE.

Premio del Director kensington

These are the children who, although they may well be outstanding achievers in other areas, excel at the people skills that we know are essential in any classroom and any workplace : the ability to work in a team, to be helpful to classmates and teachers, to understand the needs of other children in relation to their own, and a key value of any school : kindness.

It gave me particular pleasure this month to give the Head Teacher’s Award to two children from 5C : Elena Rodríguez del Pueyo, and Carlos Fernández Villegas, both nominated by their teachers for their kindness, helpfulness and ability to work well with other children.