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Headteacher’s Letter October 2021

Dear Families,

As we’ve been enjoying the particularly good period of Autumn weather, it’s been a busy and fruitful time at Kensington. Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting the visit of Nadim Nsouli, founder and C.E.O. of Inspired, Graeme Crawford, President of the group, and Nick Wergan, Inspired’s Director of Education. They toured the school, offered a presentation in the auditorium about the group and the International Baccalaureate courses, met with parents, and discussed future plans for investment in the school.

students-walking-together kensington

We’ve all been moved by the plight of the residents of the island of La Palma. I’m always amazed by the willingness of our community to come forward to raise funds at moments like this, and this time round was no exception : between the day we all came to school wearing yellow, the desayunos solidarios, and the work of our 3º ESO/Year 10 and 4º ESO students collecting at Kinepolis under the supervisión of Begoña López, Ana Arroba and José Parra, we’vr raised a total of 2055.87 to donate to the Cabilda of La Palma – thank you so much for your support.

( Of course, next Friday 29th. October the school will fill up with small ghosts, little monsters and creatures of all shapes and sizes to raise money for our sponsored children in developing countries through the Fundación Vicente Ferrer and Plan International ).

The end of September and beginning of October marks anti-bullying fortnight in the school, when our PSHE teachers and our Department of Orientación work to ground the children in the principles of identifying, resisting and reporting bullying behaviours in the school. The children learn through watching videos, discussion groups in circle time, and role play, to be Upstanders, not Bystanders – that any behaviour which looks like bullying should be recognized, challenged, and reported to their teachers to be worked through following our protocols. Bullying can be a complex issue, but we work from Year 1 upwards to empower the children by teaching them to speak out and speak up  : lessons which we hope will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

I’m particularly pleased this month with how well some of the curricular innovations are going in school : in particular Drama, a subject close to my heart as a former Drama teacher. The ability to stand up in front of an audience and speak in public is a key skill, and there is no finer teacher for this than a well-taught Drama lesson.