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Mundo Cooperante and Madrid Food Bank

For several years, Kensington has had the KSocial department in order to continue promoting the development of social education and solidarity awareness within the daily learning of our students.


During these courses, we have carried out various volunteer actions that have been received by our students with great interest.

This month, continuing our solidarity activities, we have collaborated with the foundation for the activity “Challenges for equality”.

Mundo Cooperante is an independent, open and non-profit development cooperation NGO that since 1998 has carried out projects aimed at communities with limited resources, giving preference to those actions that benefit children, youth and women.

This project consists of the realization, by the students, of two Challenges and a final questionnaire, from which we will make a brief report that serves as a guide to implement future actions for the promotion of equality.

Another of our activities has also been the campaign for the Madrid Food Bank. The entire Kensington School community has actively collaborated year after year with the campaigns organized by the Madrid Food Bank. For this reason, we want to make you part of the letter of thanks and certificate that we receive from the Great Collection Team:

“Dear Collaborators of Kensington School:

We are contacting you to thank the KENSINGTON SCHOOL for the collaboration and support you have given us during the Great Collection held in Madrid on November 19, 20 and 21, 2021. Thanks to your help we have been able to achieve the proposed objective and in this way, it is possible for us to continue serving the beneficiaries who depend on the Madrid Food Bank.

As a token of appreciation and recognition of the work carried out, the Food Bank of Madrid sends you this certificate that certifies your participation in the Great Collection 2021 and that we ask you to send to whoever is appropriate.

We hope to continue counting on your help in the next Great Collection, as well as in other activities that we will carry out throughout this year 2022.
Thank you very much
All the best
Great Collection Team
Operative Directorate of Large Collection and Special Operations.”