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New beginnings in Early Years

New beginnings in Early Years  

New beginnings in Early Years

September always brings new faces to school. The ones of students coming from other cities and even from other countries that we have the pleasure to welcome to Kensington School, and the little faces of the children who start in Pre-Nursery and Nursery. Not forgetting the faces of the new families that become part of our community, who want the best education for their children, and who are, therefore, concerned about their first days of school. But thanks to our dedicated staff, initial worries soon disappear, and children end up adapting very well to the school environment. This is how “back to school” works. And this is how the beginning of this special school year has been for our little ones.

Early Years  


Back-to-school emotions

Our experienced and caring teachers are prepared for the universal issues of every year. An emotional rollercoaster for children and the need of information and reassurance of parents that have to adapt to a change in their lives. We provide the support that they need and the appropriate learning and welcoming environment for our new students.

The first days the children were crying because they wanted to go home, but, after a short time they love school, and cry because they don’t want to leave! Change is difficult for everybody, but at the end of the month the children are beginning to participate and to enjoy school activities. They are visibly excited, and here they discover, explore and learn, within our Inspired Early Years Framework, which puts their needs at the centre of their educational experience.

This occurs thanks to the dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff in the school. They make a great effort, but they insist they receive a very gratifying recompense. “Every year, we have the privilege to see the world through the children’s eyes”, states Miss Lucy Reynolds, one of Early Years teachers. “Everything is sparkling, wonderful and new. They give us this positive energy”.




An exciting, new project

This year, sixteen children between eighteen months and two years old have embarked on our new educational journey: the Pre-Nursery group. They are enjoying the totally refurbished building that has been prepared for them, in order to meet their needs and enhance their educational experience. Our group of native and fully qualified staff have been preparing themselves for this new program, which they have embraced with enthusiasm. As Miss Lucy states, “it’s a new and exciting project. Babies are settled and aren’t crying, due to the dedication of all the teachers and the cooperation of the parents. We are positive and hopeful that this will be a good experience for them and that it will help them to grow through their educational journey at Kensington School”.