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Nurse Newsletter - Join The Pink - Fight against breast cancer

Last Tuesday, October 19th, was the International Day Against Breast Cancer.

From the Nursing Department we wanted to promote for the second consecutive year the initiative of wearing something pink. Last year we wanted to join the cause by encouraging all staff to come dressed in pink clothes or accessories and despite it being a tough start to the school year, it was a great success.

Día Internacional contra el Cáncer de Mama.

This academic year, we also wanted the students from Year 7 to 2nd Baccalaureate to join us. That is why, on a voluntary basis, we proposed that the students came that day with a pink accessory. We encouraged everyone to take photos and tagged them in social media with the hashtags #sumatealrosa and #sacapecho and we sent an infographic by email to the entire educational community, especially prepared for this day.

It was a symbolic way of participating and making the fight against this disease that affects so many women every year (in the Western world alone, 1 in 8 women will suffer from it). In addition, although not so frequent, it also affects men, being even more deadly.

The most important way to fight breast cancer is through prevention. Breast self-examination is the cornerstone of personal prevention. Routinely integrating it into women's lives enhances self-care, and rates of cure increase dramatically if the disease is diagnosed in its early stages. In addition, the hereditary component is important, but unhealthy lifestyle habits are a risk factor that becomes even more crucial when it comes to the development of the disease.

From Kensington, the objective of School Nursing is to generate awareness in young students so that it has become normalised by adulthood. At the same time, it is a reminder for the rest of the educational community (teaching and non-teaching staff and families) about the importance of prevention.

We hope you liked the initiative, and we thank you very much for joining in the pink.