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Proud of you: 2021 EVAU marks

Congratulations! 100% of the 2º de Bachillerato students who took the EVAU (Evaluación de Bachillerato para el Acceso a la Universidadpassed the exam, being 13.48 out of 14 the highest mark achieved. Furthermore, 32.81% of our students scored a minimum of 12 out of 14. Therefore, with an average mark of 8.18/10 in Bachillerato, our students have achieved an average of 10.92/14 in the admission score


Moreover, the average score of the EVAU’s test of Mathematics in Social Sciences has increased by 22% compared to 2020, and the average score for History of Philosophy has increased by 21%. In Biology, the average score has increased by 13% and in Chemistry by 29%, reaching 8.64.

We are very proud of the effort they have made throughout their school years and particularly during this last year, which will allow them to continue their education in the field of their choice. As usual, many of them will study abroad, especially in the United Kingdom (Oxford, Edinburgh, Coventry…), and others will stay in Spain. We remind all of them that they will always have our doors open, and that for us, the best result will continue to be to hear that their best memories come from here, and that our education has contributed to them having a balanced and happy life.

We hope that they enjoy their well-deserved summer break. Happy holidays!