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Vast Experience Which Drives us Towards the Future

Founded in 1968, we were, and still are, one of the pioneering centres of British education in Spain. Over 50 years, we have established an excellent pedagogy that is rooted in tradition and continues to generate strong results today. Children benefit from an inclusive programme of STEAM tuition, short teaching periods, an emphasis on Public Speaking and learning through drama, a strong computer programming course, and much more.

This profoundly engaging experience encompasses the education of the future at Kensington School, enabling our students to thrive. In commitment to our vision, we seek out the best teachers and methodologies in line with our principles so that children grow as well-rounded citizens and flourish as the leaders of the 21st century.

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Head of School

Kensington has always offered a values-focused education. Our assemblies programme will reinforce school values throughout the year via our ICARE programme to promote the school's core values (Integrity, Cooperation, Acceptance, Respect and Empathy) along with the Travesía programme.

While we are excited by the new subjects and spaces children will now enjoy, the essence of a Kensington education will remain very much in place. Our traditional strengths of hard work, organisation and structure are still a feature of the school, as is our main goal: the support of each child and the close and open relationship with our families. I look forward to sharing many exciting developments with our community during the course of the year.

Lastly, to our new families joining us this term, I wish you a warm welcome to Kensington School.

A Holistic Education


Excellent Results in External Examinations and Languages


Sports, Arts, Music and Computing


The Will to Succeed, Self-Confidence and Feeling Part of a Team


Well-Rounded Education Based on Universal Values

Children at our school gain a holistic education based on core universal values. We teach skills and attitudes, including empathy, team spirit, the ability to set and work toward goals, resilience in the face of adversity and the ability to confidently defend a point of view in public.

Students learn respect, understanding, empathy, a sense of commitment, joy in their work, austerity and realism while learning practical skills, such as sport and healthcare, creativity through art, music and computing,as well as a strong technical education to encourage our students to live life to the full, equipped with a holistic and well-balanced education.

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British Multilingual Education

Exclusive multilingual environment at Kensington: a dual language curriculum

  • National Curriculum
  • Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (September 2023)
  • National Baccalaureate
  • University of Cambridge language qualifications (First, Advanced and Proficiency)
  • Official DELF examinations (French)

Family-Oriented School

Kensington School is a British school with a strong family ethos. We were founded with a handful of pupils and yet, our student body has grown thanks to the enthusiasm that families and pupils have poured into our education programme. Our wealth of experience, the combination of tradition and innovation and the commitment of our teaching staff have all contributed to the growth of the school.

Today, after more than 50 years, it is a consolidated centre in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

When a pupil joins Kensington School, they start a new adventure. We prioritise their wellbeing to encourage them to fully engage in a well-rounded education, achieve academic excellence and successfully learn additional languages. These tools allow them to skillfully adapt to a global, evolving world. Additionally, when nurtured in a community such as ours, they will show others the kindness and integrity they have internalised from early childhood.


Traditions and Great Results

At Kensington School, many favourable elements of Great British spirit are demonstrated in our traditions, and we maintain the teaching paths that have awarded us good results. Students are trained in public-speaking, reasoning and arguing critically, scientific methods and mathematics methodology. Collaborative projects are also encouraged to build strong networks and lifelong friendships.

Classmates take part in concerts, in teams via our 'clubs' and 'houses' activities, training programmers and work together to build technology. A broad-ranging programme motivates learners to remain active in the school community and fosters the confident application of developing skills in many contexts.

This is a friendly and welcoming school. The best two things that happened when we moved to Pozuelo was living in the middle of nature and finding out about Kensington School!

When my daughter Julia was five years old, she suddenly said to me: I like my school! And when my other daughter Elisa got married, all of the friends she used to play with and share snacks with at the end of school, were at her wedding. They learned to think in English - a more advanced skill than talking - but the fantastic language lessons alone do not do justice to the value of the fantastic school; students learn what they need in order to study effectively and face life confidently. This isn’t a conventional school: teachers are open, modern, motivating and allow their classes to understand life through a cosmopolitan approach.

— Pilar Varela, Mother of Julia and Elisa, ex-Kensington School pupils

My daughters are very different and each one is receiving support that suits their personalities. We are delighted with the school.

We know that the programmes our children are taught are demanding, but the school has put systems in place to ensure that they have the help they require, while learning to be independent. The personalised learning they have is what’s best for them, because the belief that “one style works for every child“ is not possible. Those teaching at the school know Paula and Rocío well. They know their personal history and their goals, and they have met their individual needs. Kensington School has taught them what really matters: to “be'' rather than to “have”. We know that as they go through life, they will be able to manage their fears so they can be free and pursue what they wish, while expressing themselves confidently.

— Juan Perpiñán, Father of Paula and Rocío, Kensington pupils

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