Primary Education Following the British Curriculum in Pozuelo

At the primary education stage, we care for our students in a personalised approach and train them to become well-rounded people, both academically and personally. We aim to strengthen their deficiencies and enhance their virtues so that they reach the highest educational levels.

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Why Choose Our Primary School in Pozuelo de Alarcón?

Our Primary School effectively prepares learners in a mature and safe way, not only for the next stage of learning at Secondary School, but for life beyond the classroom.

We help our students reach their full potential by fostering a supportive environment so that they can build a positive relationship with their studies and achieve their learning goals.

Primary Programme

Year 1 to Year 2

Years 1 & 2 are based on the English National Curriculum. The subjects, learning methods and comprehensive school approach to teaching, serve as a strong foundation for learners, as well as, mirroring the same aims and objectives as those expected from students in the United Kingdom. The books and resources supplied to learners are the same as those used in British schools. All resources and materials assimilate the latest pedagogical techniques in international education.

Year 3 to Year 6

In Years 3 to 6, students continue their educational journey following the English National Curriculum, whilst continuing Spanish Language and Literature study. In Year 7, students move onto secondary school with increased autonomy and a sense of their personal responsibilities. They are supported by age-specific training in Citizenship and receive lessons outlining the respectful treatment of others, as well as digital safety sessions.

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Languages Taught in Primary

At Kensington School, we give great importance to the study of languages. Our students enjoy linguistic immersion in English with Spanish taught to the level of a strong Spanish school. We are committed to preparing our community for a multilingual future and what better way to encourage fluency than to begin language introduction in the first years of school.

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Primary School Facilities

Educational, leisure and sports facilities, which our primary students enjoy for both work and recreational purposes, are specifically designed to encourage engagement in the primary years curriculum and fulfil their social needs. Cutting-edge primary school resources feature the necessary technological elements to improve the educational experience our learners enjoy and help achieve exceptional academic results.

Additional Services for the Primary School

Bus Routes

Accessing our school is simple for families in the Pozuelo De Alarcón area, as we offer several bus routes, equipped with professional monitors, to take learners to and from school. The convenient location of the school makes it easy for your child to join their classmates in the most comfortable way possible.

Homemade Food

Educating our students about health issues is a pillar of our school. As such, we have our own kitchen, which produces balanced menus that are designed weekly by a specialised nutritionist. Our primary learners may have menu options for celiacs and vegetarians, and we take into account specific food restrictions, diabetic requirements and intolerances.

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