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Headteacher’s Letter May 2021

The months go past at a vertiginous pace in school this year; we’re entering the last month of a remarkable year in the life of Kensington School. First of all, we wish the best of luck to our 2nd. Bachillerato students as they take their final EvAU exams next week. The average grade they have achieved of 8.18 in their Bachillerato studies promises well for their success.


There will be time ahead to reflect upon the achievement of our school community through this challenging year. It’s hard to remember the concern with which we started the school year back in September, when we fully expected to return to confinement in the course of the autumn; we’ve been fortunate, but have much to be grateful to our community, for following our Covid-19 protocol so carefully. I’m also grateful to all the families who have contacted me with such warm and positive comments about the hard work and commitment of our staff, and how effectively they’ve helped the children through this year of their life. All in all, it feels like one more step in the right direction for us that we will be holding our Graduation ceremony on Friday June 11th.

A major development in school in the last month is the announcement that from September we will be offering our Year 10 students the option of continuing their studies within the British education system by following a programme of IGCSEs ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education ), as an alternative and parallel option to our traditional programme of excellence in Spanish education. The aim of our IGCSE programme will be to offer children a broad and balanced curriculum in English, which will develop their language skills, their ability to think critically, recognize bias and formulate arguments; develop a love of creative activities, and a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork.

At the same time, children can opt to pursue their studies in Spanish, following the same path through 3º and 4º de ESO which has served as a guarantee of success in the EvAU, and before that the Selectividad exam, for so many students. As Kensington School moves forwards, our objective will be to offer our families the choice of excellence in Spanish-language and English-language education from 3º ESO onwards.